About me

My name is David Pierson and I now work in IT and produce wedding and other high quality videos. This is my old website from when I was a student, studying at Central Queensland University by distance Education. I still live North of Maryborough, Queensland, Australia. In my school and university days, I had an interest in computers, programming, web design, video and photography. My Software development days are now over, as I am now producing high quality videos.

About Stritec Software

Stritec Software was first started in 2004. Stritec Software offers software which has been built by David Pierson and Bruce Pierson. The name Stritec, was from my pet chicken which died in an afternoon thunderstorm on the 30th of January 2004. This website was first constructed in March 2005 and was last updated in November 2009

Latest NEWS

Check out my new website at  David Pierson Films